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Anacomp, Inc. (OTC: ANMP) was founded in 1968 and has an east coast facility in Chantiliy, VA and a west coast facility in Oceanside, CA. We have over 45 years of experience serving clients in healthcare, government, financial services, human resources and insurance. Anacomp, Inc. has converted billions of images, are experts in handling PII and PHI data and hosting cloud-based (SaaS) records.

Our customers demand seamless solutions to address their pressing mission and business process needs. Anacomp, Inc. delivers increased value to its customers by establishing and maintaining strong partner relationships to augment and enhance our capabilities and to provide our customers with the best possible services and results.

By working closely with leading technology, services and integration experts to deliver mission-critical business solutions, Anacomp’s partnership approach provides comprehensive, targeted, cost effective solutions based on valuable industry expertise and an optimal business solution for each and every customer. Together, we can deliver on that expectation.

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ZL Technologies




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