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Reduce Costs with Document Scanning

Even with all the digital technology and the advancements of the cloud and its capabilities, businesses are generating more paper than ever before and continue to try to manage this paper in a digital world. The transition from paper to digital is easier than one might think, and the cost savings after the conversion is the greatest benefit of all. While there are many scanning devices that offices can use in-house for smaller jobs, larger jobs are quite often outsourced to professional scanning companies who not only have the ability to scan any type of image (i.e. paper, microfilm, microfiche) but have the software for document management, data extraction, indexing and classification. With the assistance of this key technology, organizations can be left to manage core business functions full time. Here are some of the top reasons on how organizations can reduce costs with document scanning and a digital workflow. » read more

Record Retention Schedule

Within every competent business organization, the task of retaining certain records is a necessity with a policy to regularly monitor and maintain retention and destruction procedures. Legal and compliance record keeping requirements are different for every company and type of records, but controlled systems should be in place for these requirements and falling behind on a schedule will lead to further complications. So where does one start and what should they keep? » read more

Capture and Scanning FAQs

The influx of both paper and electronic documents still presents an enormous business and economic challenge for organizations big and small. Technology and best practices for document management continue to evolve in hopes of solving issues such as efficiency, cost, security and compliance. Several questions arise when trying to understand the total document capture process and what must be considered. » read more

Creating Advantages for Small to Mid-Size Lenders

Regulatory and loan quality controls have changed the landscape of the mortgage industry. Large lenders have had long competitive advantages as the result of their technology, infrastructure and banking relationships. This has created challenges for the small to mid-size lender that continues to face the brunt of these headwinds armed with older to less functional systems, paper based processes, multiple vendors, each creating impact on operations and profitability. » read more

How Focused is Your Company on Process Improvement?

Every business, whether large or small, has a primary goal of having a strong business model that will grow repeat business and result in financial success. But is that enough? Business management and the understanding that client needs will evolve over time will make it necessary for a successful business to evolve to survive. » read more

The Benefits of Going Paperless

Although the total elimination of paper may not be practical for every business, even a small reduction may yield cost savings, increase efficiency and improve the security of documents. A paperless environment, whether it be a startup company or a developed, well-established corporation with policies and procedures, will always be beneficial to the company. Below are some benefits of having a paperless environment with the use of document management software, which includes a central document repository, process consistency and integration with additional business solutions. » read more

Information Governance Fundamentals

Information Governance are the “activities and technologies that organizations employ to maximize the value of their information while minimizing associated risks and tasks. This includes the use of automated policies to classify content and to keep control of the information by managing access and migrating good, useful content to retain for in an archive.  ” Or, in other words, “Getting Your House in Order.” » read more

What is a Student Record?

Student records are maintained by the educational institute and governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  The records include, but are not limited to, transcripts (grades), exam papers, test scores, evaluations, and financial aid records.  » read more

Anatomy of the Mortgage File

There are three basic parts that make up a loan file which are the Loan Number, Sections and Documents. Within the Sections there is a further division of 8 different tabs. The tabs hold the various documents such as Mortgage Documents, Trailing Documents and Imaged Documents. » read more

Exploring the Value of eSignatures

A paperless office is becoming more of a reality with new technological applications and tools to assist in unnecessary paper consumption and paper copies. For every 30 sheets of paper, 39% is thrown in the trash. The average employee signs 500 documents a year at an estimated cost of $6.50 a document. This figure is based on several factors such as copying, scanning, tracking and storage. Businesses in sales, finance, operations, legal and more are now adopting eSigs applications as part of their business process workflows. eSignatures assist these verticals with smart automation, reduction in errors and costs, legal risk mitigation, and build a better customer experience. » read more

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