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Utilizes Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to Define, Measure and Analyze

WorkSmart is Anacomp’s solution that focuses on managing and improving business processes related to document and records management in public sector and commercial markets.  The WorkSmart program utilizes Lean Six Sigma methodologies that encompass multiple steps of data gathering, as-is process analysis, and process improvement recommendations.  WorkSmart delivers an in depth analysis of existing agency workflows, and permanent records then maps processes to identify areas for process improvement.

Worksmart Program Overview:

Anacomp’s WorkSmart analysis finds efficiencies and delivers a solid business case that can be used to implement recommended improvements that can be initiated through proof-of-concept modeling (pilot programs), benchmarking, new process implementation, and continuous process improvement / life-cycle management.  

Program Deliverables:

  • An objective view of the current document and records management processes
  • Identification of all problem areas and their root causes
  • Proposal for a new, improved process with business value and cost justification

WorkSmart Customer Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Elimination of waste and non-value added steps
  • Cost Benefit Analysis to justify process improvements
  • Ability to reallocate resources to align with business objectives 

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