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Document Preparation, Scanning and Conversion

xForm provides document services that range from mailroom services, document preparation, scanning, and image conversion services from your paper or electronic files, at a central office, scattered on desktops in remote offices, or from one of our service centers.  Our service centers scan documents from various paper sizes, microfilm, and microfiche formats with the assurances that the material is safe and secure using our Chain of Custody procedures.

Document Management and Scanning Capabilities of xForm are as Follows:

  • Mailroom Services
  • Chain of Custody Management
  • Document/Record Scanning and Imaging
  • Document/Record Capture and Conversion
  • Certified Document Destruction

Businesses today produce a multitude of data and electronic records (e.g. purchase orders, outgoing invoices, statements for clients, etc.), which have to be converted into different formats either for business purposes or regulatory compliance.  The conversion of paper documents into an electronic format provides the advantages of high quality digital images for use by business applications and for long term storage.

xForm can convert different media and record formats. We have the technology, equipment and knowledge to be able to convert the documents into a format for long-term storage as well as to convert data from various printouts, databases or other electronic records and have them ready for use by xWrench and Valise processes or any customer business application.

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