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In serving over 150 Federal, State and Local agencies, Anacomp, Inc. understands the unique needs of the information-intense government entities. We have unparalleled experience in the conversion of official government records requiring stringent quality control, including millions of personnel, retirement and medical records.We are experts in handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI), and our dedicated professional staff includes specialists in regulatory compliance. Anacomp has implemented comprehensive facility infrastructure and procedural controls to ensure the appropriate protection of PII/PHI data, and we have completed Assessment and Authorization to federal security standards.  » read more

Mortgage Services

We Help Solve the Common Issues Lenders Face Today Competition    -    Regulatory Compliance    -    Risk Based Decision Growing Origination Costs    -    Labor Intensive Processes    -    3rd Party Integration and Delivery   » read more

Human Resources

In human resources, each new hire represents potential years of information to be collected, maintained and eventually archived. From the stack of documents signed at hire through the onboarding process to exit interviews, personnel records contain critical information. Anacomp’s HR Solutions automate and simplify the exchange, collection, processing and tracking of training, orientation, payroll, benefits enrollments, compliance requirements, policy acknowledgments, disciplinary action and more so that organizations become more efficient, maintain compliance and achieve full productivity from new employees faster with extensive HR document management and automation capabilities. » read more


In the changing landscape of US healthcare, providers are facing the challenge of cutting costs while improving the quality of care. According to the US Healthcare Efficiency Index, almost 13 billion healthcare claims and payment transactions per year are still paper-based, while the volume of patients seen by providers continues to rise. The necessity to move to an electronic records system (EMR) is clear. » read more

Accounts Payable

Every accounts payable organization receives invoices that need to be paid in a specific amount of time. Processes to address this often involve a lot of manual effort to log information from the invoice and send it through the mail for individual approval.  All of these steps can cause delays in payment, potential delinquency costs, and inefficiencies in the use of AP personnel that limits their availability for more important tasks. » read more

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