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Accounts Payable

Every accounts payable organization receives invoices that need to be paid in a specific amount of time. Processes to address this often involve a lot of manual effort to log information from the invoice and send it through the mail for individual approval.  All of these steps can cause delays in payment, potential delinquency costs, and inefficiencies in the use of AP personnel that limits their availability for more important tasks.

AP Automation procedures reduce operating costs, shortens invoice processing cycle times and increases financial reporting accuracy. Leveraging Anacomp’s industry-leading document classification and capture technology, our innovative solutions are quickly implemented to optimize approval workflows and seamlessly integrate with existing accounting systems to deliver results that boost staff productivity and increase accounting efficiency.

Let Anacomp’s AP Automation services assist your organization in achieving Straight Through Processing (STP)

Features of the Anacomp AP Automation Solution

  • Automatically identifies and classifies incoming documents, whether they are in paper or digital formats
  • Extraction of key data elements from invoices
  • Routes digital invoices to all necessary personnel for electronic approvals
  • Sends reminders and escalation notifications for approval delays
  • Interfaces with back office and enterprise applications for automated data exchange and payment posting
  • Connectors to Vendor Portals for eInvoicing and ePayment capabilities
  • Provides graphical dashboard of all key tracking metrics
  • Stores and indexes documents digitally for easy retrieval from anywhere

Benefits of AP Automation

  • Eliminate late payments
  • Enable early-payment discounts
  • Automate approval procedures
  • Reduce errors and increase financial reporting accuracy
  • Track critical metrics for day-to-day visibility of financial status

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