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Human Resources

In human resources, each new hire represents potential years of information to be collected, maintained and eventually archived. From the stack of documents signed at hire through the onboarding process to exit interviews, personnel records contain critical information. Anacomp’s HR Solutions automate and simplify the exchange, collection, processing and tracking of training, orientation, payroll, benefits enrollments, compliance requirements, policy acknowledgments, disciplinary action and more so that organizations become more efficient, maintain compliance and achieve full productivity from new employees faster with extensive HR document management and automation capabilities.

Anacomp's human resources products have been used extensively for solutions that have involved:

  • Our industry-leading, advanced capture technology
  • Electronic Personnel Folder and Entry on Duty Onboarding applications
  • Secure handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Secure, easily-accessible and searchable records archive
  • Tracking the right metrics for continuous improvement of HR departmental services

Human Resources Applications


  • Provide your candidates web based eForms to submit applications and attach resumes from their desktop or mobile device.
  • Automate workflows for interview assignments and schedules
  • Collect and retain candidate information for HR metrics and future reference.

New Hire Onboarding

  • Eliminate the paper for all the required onboarding forms by using digital documents and electronic forms
  • Maintain compliance by validating critical forms are signed and retained in the employee’s electronic personnel folder.
  • Use automated workflows to schedule tasks and resources to have the new employee ready to start on day one.

Manager and Employee Self Service

  • Create a HR self-service portal to automate access and delivery of benefit forms, handbooks, training materials, and other information
  • Automate performance evaluations by providing collaborative digital assessments
  • Reduce the need for HR personnel to handle simple, repetitive tasks, freeing them up for more important work.

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