About Anacomp

We’re not just another data management company.

Anacomp has spent years developing the systems and programs that help the Federal government manage, capture, classify, and index big data and documents efficiently. We’re professionals dedicated to helping the government run efficiently.


Leverage decades of successful past performance on multiple projects requiring unique solutions for agency mission support, high quality images, metadata accuracy up to 99.995%, and compliance and reporting analytics.


Utilization of existing Anacomp infrastructure, with Authority to Operate (ATO) for the processing of Official Federal Records, reduces implementation time to weeks.


Anacomp facilities, infrastructure and processes have been certified compliant with Federal Security controls in NIST 800-53, OMB Circular A-130, Privacy Act of 1974 and HIPAA.


Our processes are the result of decades of experience with continuous improvements, based on Lean Sigma principles and ISO 9001-certified, delivering high quality, accurate information.


Anacomp’s proprietary chain of custody and production management system is tightly integrated with the most advanced commercial technologies for automated document classification, data extraction, and unstructured content analytics.


The Anacomp professional staff are subject matter experts with advanced experience and professional certifications in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, ECM, BPM, and Partner Technologies.