About Us

Anacomp has a long history of data innovation

We were founded under that principle in 1968 by three professors at Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ronald D. Palamara, Robert R. Sadaka and J. Melvin Ebbert came together with the goal of directing the power of computing towards investment management, education, urban analysis, computer science and civic systems.

Today, we continue those founding principles of teamwork and partnership dedicated to improving data management through our expert professional services staff, and by working with technology partners at the forefront of data discovery, visibility and management.

Together, we create and deliver innovative technology solutions for security and privacy risk management, cloud and data migration, data compliance and analytics.

We Make Data Visible

Anacomp’s mission is to make access, discovery and management of information and data assets digitally efficient, secure, searchable and organized so that every organization can identify and control their data assets in a timely, responsible and profitable manner. 

Our commitment to our clients is to provide superior return on investment and deliver expert professional services every step of the way.


We leverage decades of successful past performance on multiple projects requiring unique solutions and professional expertise. Our proprietary methodology enables document metadata accuracy up to 99.995% and efficient management of risk, compliance and migration projects.


Our clients' project implementation time is often reduced to weeks instead of months by using our highly developed infrastructure, AI/machine learning technology, secure processes and facilities, and expert staff.


Anacomp conversion centers, infrastructure and processes have been certified compliant with the highest security protocols including NIST SP 800-171, NIST SP 800-53 Level 3, OMB Circular A-130, Privacy Act of 1974 and HIPAA.


Our processes are the result of decades of experience with continuous improvements based on Lean Sigma principles and ISO 9001-certified, delivering high quality, highly accurate end products to our clients.


Anacomp’s proprietary chain of custody and production management system is tightly integrated with the most advanced AI/machine learning and OCR technologies for automated document classification, data extraction and unstructured content analytics.


Our professional staff have decades of experience and are subject matter experts with advanced experience and professional certifications in Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, ECM, BPM and Partner Technologies.