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Discover & Manage Data with Confidence

Map Your Data Estate of Unstructured and Structured Data with D3

Anacomp has provided data governance, information management and secure data compliance to Fortune 500 companies and Federal Government agencies for over 50 years

Discovery, Visualization & Categorization of Data Estates

D3 is the only solution that solves the problem of automated data estate inventory and identification, with customizable metadata assignment for all records based on actual content, context and data source location.


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The example above shows a drill down on “patent” in the previous menu word cloud. Metadata is customizable and some of the typical metadata include:

  • File Content
  • Date of Creation & Last Modified
  • File Size
  • Author
  • Document Type
  • File Location Path

More than 80% of data* may be unstructured, unknown, duplicated or potentially unprotected in file shares or other locations on an organization’s servers. Anacomp’s D3 solution enables you to unlock and secure the power of your entire data estate by auto indexing the content of all files in a friendly UX design.

*IDC projections by 2025

Data Digitization & Assessment Solutions


High-Volume Digitization Without the Investment

In addition to data discovery solutions, Anacomp offers streamlined, secure digitization capabilities and capacity that can support your organization immediately. No need to invest in equipment, space or personnel support to achieve your objectives.


Record & Information Management Services Consulting

Our professional staff have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies to comply with records and information governance requirements. 

D3 Solutions By Organizational Challenge

Security & Ransomware Data Risk Challenges

Data identification at the content level to assign role-based security to unstructured file shares

High volumes of potentially unprotected texts, emails and other unstructured data

PII data duplicated and unprotected in multiple data sources

D3 can help you identify, assess and secure your data with confidence

Cloud & Data Migration Challenges

Lack of visibility of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, Trivial) data

Inability to properly classify and merge data sources

Exposure to security risks and ransomware

Interdepartmental review and assignment of data for migration and systems integration

D3 gives you a holistic view of your entire data estate to assess risk and ROT, create role-based security and search across all file shares to manage data assets with confidence

Mergers & Acquisitions Data Challenges

Efficiently merge, index, secure and assign large volumes of data

Unifying Go-to-Market strategies and Customer Experience plans based on data

Resources and cost to harness data assets effectively

Monitoring and managing files as they are are added and changed

Identifying and integrating data into existing systems

D3 can help you merge and maximize your data with confidence

Access to Total Data Estate for Analytics Challenges

More than 80% of data assets will be unstructured by 2025 according to IDC’s 2018 report

Limited visibility of unstructured data and customer interactions limits analytics accuracy

D3 can help you analyze and harvest value from your data estate with confidence

FOIA Compliance & Declassification Challenges​

Increasing regulation including FOIA, HIPAA and GPDR requires ongoing and timely PII management

Over-retention risk monitoring while maintaining compliance with data retention requirements

Unknown or unidentified PII data within unstructured data that require application of appropriate security controls

Fines and reputation risk from data breach or non-compliance

D3 can help you know and control your entire data estate with confidence

M-19-21 Directive Challenges

NARA federal mandate to digitize all files by end of 2022

Petabyte volumes of physical files and unstructured dark data

PII and classified data requiring identification and efficient management via auto metadata indexing

D3 can help you digitize, extract and manage your data with confidence

D3 is the Only U.S. Data Discovery & Visibility Solution
Powered by Exonar Reveal

Exonar, a leading software developer of data discovery and visibility solutions, is working in partnership with Anacomp to provide the most complete and innovative data visibility and management tools to the federal government and commercial sector to improve business processes, reduce costs and achieve compliance.

Using cutting-edge techniques in machine learning and natural language processing, Anacomp’s D3 solution, powered by Exonar, will help organizations identify their entire data estate to reduce resource burden and costs, assess and manage security and privacy risks, migrate data, and integrate data with analytics and other systems.

Together, Anacomp and Exonar enable efficient identification, inventory and control of big data.

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