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AI/machine learning for data inventory and federated search paired with OCR content extraction will enrich your complete data estate of unstructured and structured data with content, context and attributes. 

We invite you to learn how our customized solutions help Fortune 500 companies and federal agencies.

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The D3 Dashboard Screen visualizes data distribution by detailed metadata and drill down on data graphs or word clouds.

The example above shows a drill down on “patent” in the previous menu word cloud. Metadata is customizable and some of the typical metadata includes:

  • File Content
  • Date of Creation & Last Modified
  • File Size
  • Author
  • File Content
  • Document Type
  • File Location Path

D3 Data Estate Drill Down to File Content, Context & Attributes

More than 80% of data* may be unstructured, unknown, duplicated or potentially unprotected in file shares or other locations on an organization’s servers. Anacomp’s D3 solution enables you to unlock and secure the power of your entire data estate by auto indexing the content of all files in a friendly UX design.

*IDC projections by 2025

Videos on Anacomp's D3 visibility platform, powered by Exonar Reveal

Crawl, identify and visualize your entire data estate in one dashboard
(1:39 min)
Run an advanced query on risks like all files containing passwords in plain text
(1:30 min)
Drill down on files identified as high risk and tag for role-based assignment
(1:32 min)
Locate sensitive info like credit card numbers that might be in unprotected files prior to cloud or data migration
(1:30 min)
Use D3 to inventory data assets for mergers and acquisitions and analytics integration
(4:33 min)
Four data migration risks and how to avoid them - hosted by Exonar
(49:00 min)


GRS and Technology Partner Anacomp Awarded $950M Ceiling IDIQ Contract by the U.S. Air Force To Support Data Discovery For Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS)

Government Research Specialists (GRS), a U.S. leading research and solutions consultant to Federal agencies, with strategic partner, Anacomp, Inc., was awarded a $950M ceiling indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract by the U.S. Air Force to develop data discovery capabilities across all operations.

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Exonar, a leading software developer of data discovery and visibility solutions, is working in partnership with Anacomp to provide the most complete and innovative data visibility and management tools to the federal government and commercial sector to improve business processes, reduce costs and achieve compliance.

Using cutting-edge techniques in machine learning and natural language processing, Anacomp’s D3 solution, powered by Exonar, will help organizations identify their entire data estate to reduce resource burden and costs, assess and manage security and privacy risks, migrate data, and integrate data with analytics and other systems.

Together, Anacomp and Exonar enable efficient identification, inventory and control of big data.

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