Create data assets not liabilities

White Papers & Infographics

White paper on using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for data automation
Infographic on digitization and HIPAA challenges for Protected Health Information (PHI)
White paper on the data asset foundation of Zero Trust co-authored with cybersecurity expert Chuck Brooks
Infographic on the data pillar of Zero Trust

Solution Briefs

D3 Digitization, Data Processing & Data Discovery Solutions for Government
D3 Digitization, Data Processing & Data Discovery Solutions for Enterprise
D3TECT Data Validation, Remediation & Record Misfiles Correction Solution
R3DACT AI/ML Automated Redaction Solution
D3CODE AI/ML Data Extraction & Anonymization for Analytics & Research
D3CIPHER Data Intelligence Remote OCR & Translation

Capabilities Statements & Use Cases

Capabilities Statement for Federal Agencies
Capabilities Statement for Federal Health Agencies
Enterprise Use Cases Overview

Videos & Webinars

Demo of Intelligent Document Processing Solutions including D3TECT patient record misfiles correct and R3DACT automated redaction (4:12 min)
Webinar with industry leaders on cyberthreats, federal requirements and the paradigm shift to Zero Trust
(76:55 min)
Use D3 to inventory data assets for mergers and acquisitions and analytics integration
(4:33 min)
Crawl, identify and visualize your entire data estate in one dashboard
(1:39 min)
Drill down on files identified as high risk and tag for role-based assignment
(1:32 min)
Run an advanced query on risks like all files containing passwords in plain text
(1:30 min)
Locate sensitive info like credit card numbers that might be in unprotected files prior to cloud or data migration
(1:30 min)